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About GGM Crispulo Atillo

GGM Crispulo “Ising” Atillo is an internationally renowned Grandmaster of Balintawak Eskrima and the founder of Atillo Balintawak World Arnis-Eskrima Original Saavedra Style. Unsurpassed in his knowledge of Cebuano Eskrima and his remarkable ability to teach his unique style, he is the last remaining original member of the Balintawak Self Defense Club founded in 1952 and a true living legend of the Filipino Martial Arts.

Train with GGM!

GGM Atillo has consolidated the knowledge he has gained over seven decades of Balintwak Eskrima and combined it into a well organized and systemic curriculum that he presents to his students in a logical and efficient learning progression.  He also possesses a unique ability to transfer the knowledge he has gained from decades of real-world experiences in such a way the art can be immediately understood and applied by his students.

Host a Seminar

GGM Atillo maintains a busy seminar schedule and conducts seminars throughout the United States.  His seminars are very popular and draw martial artists from all over the world and of all levels and styles.

Private & Group Lessons

Private and Group classes enable GGM Atillo to focus on a student’s needs and teach Atillo Balintawak Eskrima in a step-by-step manner that will optimize their learning.  GGM Atillo’s sense of humor and passion for teaching make each training session an enjoyable and rewarding experience.



GGM Atillo is the epitome of a true Grandmaster.  He lives and breathes the art of eskrima.  Behind the skills, practicing, and teaching for over 63 years, I see the never-ending joy and passion of the art whenever he puts it on display.

- GM Derrick Dalan


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